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Drake is back in town after six months of abandoning his new wife, Sasha, whom he believed slept with his best friend. Clearly, Sasha and Drake are still madly in love with each other, but Sasha is filled with resentment and gives Drake a hard time, despite his efforts to reconcile.

Meanwhile, Elder John is threatened by Drake’s presence in Devin’s Cay. Drake is favored by the people of El Shaddai Ministries and is expected to succeed the late Rev. T G Henderson as the next bishop. But Elder John would not have it to be so. He enlists the aid of his daughter and hatches a sinister plan to dispose of the up and coming young minister.

In the midst of this ecclesiastical chaos, Sasha’s friend, Hunter Rose and Drake’s brother, Kevin Beckford, are brought together by circumstance and find themselves incredibly attracted to each other. But there is often a stigma attached to interracial dating – definitely in society and perhaps within Kevin, as well. Will Hunter’s skin color be the deciding factor on whether he should pursue the attraction or not? Find out this and more in Book 2 of the Real Love Series, as it continues the ‘love’ journey into the lives of those who will soon become your favorite beaus. Bestseller in the Urban Christian Romance Series

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