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Eric Paxton, rising football star and the eldest son of influential bishop, Leroy Paxton, is on the verge of a mental collapse when he learns that he slept with a girl who is rumored to be HIV positive. His NFL career, his affluent lifestyle and ultimately his life could end in an embarrassing disaster. He trusts no one with this secret, that is, until Rachel White, the stunning fiancée of Eric’s younger brother, crosses his path.

While Eric wrestles with his battles, his father, Bishop Leroy Paxton is once again embroiled with the seemingly innocuous, Ellie – the mother of his six-year-old love child. She makes it clear that she still wants Leroy and she will remove every obstacle in her path that will deny her of that fantasy. Including the bishop’s wife.

And finally, Dominic Housten – the young, dashing husband of Leroy’s daughter, is disturbed over his wife’s strange behavior. She suddenly begins expressing deep concern for her ex-husband – the man who almost strangled her to death. What is Dominic to do when his wife suggests her ex move in under the same roof with them?

In this riveting addition to the Church Boyz series, the men are again faced with profound challenges and will need to rely on God to deliver them out of the sudden destruction brought on by the women in their lives.
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