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For Sasha Beckford, the road to settling into a happy marriage with her husband, Drake, is long and filled with many unexpected turns. For one, her burgeoning attraction to her husband’s long-time friend, Levi Johnson has resurfaced with a vengeance, forcing her affection to dither between the two handsome men. However, Sasha is confused and in denial regarding her attraction for Levi. Confused, because she truly loves her husband. She can’t forget that it was Levi who’d almost destroyed her marriage to Drake through multiple lies and deceit, but if she were honest with herself, she would have to admit she was a very willing accomplice.

So Sasha fights hard against giving in to the temptations of infidelity. But when it comes down to matters of the heart and what it craves, it makes the decision to maintain her moral standards all the more challenging. A decision must be made. But who will Sasha choose in the end? Her devoted husband or the man who sets her heart on fire?

Sasha’s best friend, Hunter Rose is also in an emotional tug-of-war in her love toward Kevin Beckford. With Kevin showing signs of “questionable behavior,” Hunter is not certain she should give her heart completely over to him for fear of being disappointed. But then Kevin calls her with the surprise of her life and leaves her in a state of shock.

And lastly, Yasmine Strummer, former beauty queen and now the chief witness for the prosecution in a case against the father of her child, seems to be hitting if off with Levi, even though the bulk of their communication is done through texting. But with Yasmine’s evil stepfather out on bail, neither Yasmine nor Levi are entirely safe. Danger lurks near, and before long Yasmine’s and Levi’s budding relationship is put to the ultimate test. Bestseller in Urban Christian Romance Series

In book 4, If Loving You is Wrong, H. H. Fowler heats up the drama and attempts to show that Devin’s Cay has become a place where lovers and fate coincide, where the grace of God sustains the weary hearts, searching for that thing called, real love.
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