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Sasha and Drake have weathered one storm after another in their ten-month marriage. The horizon seems promising, as Drake is now the beloved pastor of El Shaddai Ministries and has inherited over three-million dollars from his predecessor, which will aid him in constructing a new edifice and provide him with the means to purchase the home and the car Sasha has always wanted. Drake has certainly come into his own. However, his wife is secretly struggling with guilt over what she and Levi did in a boys’ locker room, preventing her from fully enjoying the fresh start in their marriage. Her decision to confess her sins to Drake could blow their happy ending apart, but she is willing to risk it, if only to rid herself of the guilt.

Kevin and Hunter are basking in their newfound love and have decided to settle down and become a family. Kevin’s mother, Suanne, has opted to host their engagement party, helping to celebrate with them. However where good thrives, the evil and the flirtatious Shiloh Bethune always seems to appear. Her only aim is to destroy the burgeoning romance between Kevin and Hunter and she will continue to spew out her deadly venom until her goal has been accomplished.

Levi and Yasmine’s relationship is on the verge of collapse, mostly because Yasmine is convinced that Levi’s obsession with Sasha will prevent him from fully committing himself to her (Yasmine). But could Yasmine be mistaken about Levi? Will she continue to hold out on accepting his proposal and eventually lose the one man who really cares about her?

And finally, there’s Armando and Annalise – the eccentric couple who are experiencing their own set of craziness in their relationship. With Armando wanting to be with Rena, and Annalise threatening to kill Rena, it makes for a dramatic show of lust, lies and betrayal.

The couples in these four relationships are struggling to find real love. But how will the dust settle between them all, when they are up against forces vying for their destruction? Find out in the finale of the Real Love series. The ending will blow you away!
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