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First Lady Erica Winthrop wants out of her abusive marriage, but she is trapped and derailed at every turn by her manipulative husband, Apostle Magnus Winthrop. He is convinced her only reason for wanting to leave the marriage is her deep-seated lust for the irresistible twenty-two-year-old Dean Ripley. A young man who is twenty years her junior. If such a connection was to ever happen, it would not only send a massive scandal rippling through the small island of Barracuda Cove, but it would completely destroy the world of fame, power and prestige Magnus has built for himself.

But Erica denies the unfounded allegations of her husband and insists that her husband is not who he portrays himself to be. A well-respected Apostle in the public arena, but a traitorous devil in secret. A wife beater, an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler who rapes people of their hard-earned money. She is determined to get away from him and concocts her own plan of escape, if it takes her from here to eternity. But what price is Erica willing to pay to leave one of the most dangerous, vindictive men in Barracuda Cove?

“Married to the Devil” will explore the devastating effects of marital abuse, abandonment and spousal infidelity. Spiritual apathy and the lack of pastoral vision can cripple a church and ultimately, a nation of people. The plot interweaves some of humanity’s most intrinsic desires that can spin out of control and create a lifetime of regrets. How will it all end for the Winthrops and for the small island of Barracuda Cove when the dust finally settles? Find out in this fast-paced, riveting read by Author H H Fowler.
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