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Shaniece Bryant -the queen of manipulation - fights to maintain her hold over Mount Moriah's beloved pastor, Leroy Paxton, as well as over everything he’s worth. But just when Shaniece thinks she has covered all of her bases, the winds of adversity begin to blow against her.

Her sister, Ellisa Benjamin - the woman who had a brief affair with Leroy, is determined to follow her own agenda, and is strongly against Shaniece's wicked plan. A private detective, who'd been secretly hired by Leroy's chauffer, is gaining grounds, gathering evidence that cannot be refuted. And when Shaniece's brother, Phillip, finds himself caught between the raging tempers of his sisters, he fears he will not be able to escape the coming doom. With Shaniece's desperation reaching its boiling point, she is pushed to do the unthinkable.

Leroy's daughter, Tayah, has to fight a battle of her own, deciding between two men, who are both vying for her heart. Phillip or Dominic? Which one will she chose? But when the mistress of seduction, A'moree, releases her deadly charms, she becomes hell bent on making that choice plain for Tayah to see, because there is one man Tayah just cannot have.

In My Last Cry, the race to the finish line is paved with suspense and intrigue. Determination is everything. Which side will win the battle between good and evil?
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