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Part 1 of Neighbors from Hell ended with Wyatt Washington having to wrestle against one of the greatest temptations of his life. The racist seductress, Deedee Waterloo is in hot pursuit of his affection and she will not stop until she gets what she wants. In Part 2 will Wyatt succumb to her well-executed chicaneries or will he triumph and maintain the purity of his marriage bed?

While her husband is being accosted by the spirit of lust, Emma Washington has her own battles to deal with. Jeff Ramos and his accomplice are determined to stop her ascent to C.E.O. of one of the most distinguished fashion houses in the world. It had been willed to her by her boss, who’d suddenly collapsed in her office from a stroke. Emma has a choice to make in the face of the constant threats on her life. Will she walk away or fight for what rightfully belongs to her?

And finally, the lovefest between Flora and Dylan has activated demons of hate and revenge in Fred Waterloo and his daughter, Bianca. Together they devise one of the most hideous plots to ruin Flora’s life forever. Will it be enough to dissolve the interracial love between Flora and Dylan or will they conquer the odds stacked against them?

The war between The Waterloos and the Washingtons continues. A drama-filled concoction of racism, infidelity, deception, lies and murder that will change the lives of these two families forever.
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