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Experience the joy of true love with the Real Love Series Bundle Ebooks 1-7! Delivered instantly by email from BOOKFUNNEL. These ebooks will make your heart swell with emotion! Read tales of powerful love that is sure to captivate your soul! Are you ready to feel real love? 

1 If Only You Were Mine

Imagine on your wedding day – the happiest day of your life – someone hands you an anonymous note that says the person you're about to marry has cheated on you with your best friend. This is the situation Drake Beckford finds himself in. However, unbeknownst to Drake, while he is away Levi has developed strong feelings for Sasha and it seems as if she, too, is fond of Levi. What will become of their budding attraction when Drake returns to make Sasha his wife? 

2 Second Chances

Drake is back in town after six months of abandoning his new wife, Sasha, whom he believed slept with his best friend. Clearly, Sasha and Drake are still madly in love with each other, but Sasha is filled with resentment and gives Drake a hard time, despite his efforts to reconcile. 

3. Hungry Hearts

The residents of Devin’s Cay are hungry for love, but they just can’t seem to get it right. Yasmine Strummer, former beauty queen is looking to reunite with her first love, Kevin Beckford, but she has a huge problem: she has falsely accused Kevin’s brother, Drake of raping her and now Kevin hates her for it. But will true love change Kevin's heart?

4. If Only You Were Mine

In book 4, If Loving You is Wrong, H. H. Fowler heats up the drama and attempts to show that Devin’s Cay has become a place where lovers and fate coincide, where the grace of God sustains the weary hearts, searching for that thing called, real love.

5. Love The One You're With 

Sasha seemed to be coming around to embracing her husband’s love. She’s now willing to support him fully in church ministry and whatever compromises of her husband’s vision. But there is still a huge secret, lurking in the dark that could rupture this seemingly happy union. Will it surface or will it fade away into an insignificant memory?

6. I'm Still In Love With You

The love battles continue and it will be a toss-up: which of the couples will experience a happy ending? Indeed, Book 6 in the Real Love series is teeming with its own emotional ups and downs, but it is only a prelude to what’s to come in the shocking finale.

7. Love Knows No Bounds

The couples in these four relationships are struggling to find real love. But how will the dust settle between them all, when they are up against forces vying for their destruction? Find out in the finale of the Real Love series. The ending will blow you away!

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